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Azalia Suhaimi (born May 18, 1985) is a Malaysian poet, photographer and creative writer. Famous for her ways in combining photography and poetry, she expresses her dreamy outlook in life on her weblog  via what she calls "Photopoetry"

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Azalia Binti Ahmad Suhaimi grew up and went to school in a small town known as Ipoh. She enjoyed writing ever since her younger schooling days and began majoring in English Literature at high school. She first experimented with the art of photography when she bought her first compact camera before flying off to Sydney, Australia for her tertiary education. Her love for photography grew when she went traveling around Australia during her university years. This led to her signing up for a proper course on photography at the College of Fine Arts, the creative arts faculty of the University of New South Wales, Australia. Despite studying photography in a short course, she claims to prefer taking photographs with an artistic outlook instead of concentrating on a camera's technical functions. As quoted from her site:
Her photography centers upon arty elements, some vintage touch and a lot of emotions. Tools involved are a small compact digital point-and-shoot camera, a Polaroid camera, a Diana F+ lomo camera and mainly, her heart.
Her love for both writing and photography was made public when she began to frequently create photopoetry works on her blog.

Awards and Publications
Her website known as Azalia Suhaimi Photopoetry was ranked as part of the 100 Best Poetry Blog] by the Accredited Online Colleges website. Some of her photopoetry works have been published in the Live and Inspire online magazine  under the Creative Arts section every now and then. Outside the world of art, Azalia Suhaimi has also expressed her views on her country in the local Malaysian newspaper known as The Star.
Azalia is known to be currently working on a book which compiles all of her best photopoetry works.

Azalia first began exhibiting her photography works during her university years at the University of New South Wales, particularly in her Colour Photography summer course at the College of Fine Arts. She also participated in an international photography competition organized by the International Student Services of the University of New South Wales, Australia whereby her works were exhibited together with those of other students from all over the world.
Azalia actively participated in a number of art exhibitions and events in Malaysia when she came back home for good after graduating from Australia in year 2008. Among some of her participation included the Rantai Art Festival (2008), KLUE Urbanscapes (2009 and 2010) and also the Kuala Lumpur Design Week (2009 and 2010). Her recent exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 showed both her photography and poetry works clipped around a tent she designed on her own. Throughout all her exhibitions, Azalia also sold collectible postcards  she designed with her own quotes and photography.

     This place is give us a peaceful,natural,relax,and enjoyable. From this image we can see the movement of water,sun and cloud. Every time we busy in our work in home and so much tired and pressure.When we come here that tired and pressure all will gone.

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When we see this picture,we can said the have a rest by sleeping in the natural forest.This will tell us a peaceful wild life.

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When we see this picture,we can said that the sun was embedded behind the temple.We can tell this lighting from behind the temple.